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18th Century & Ornamental Iron
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  • Historic Reproductions

    Our historic reproductions are based on either original artifacts or documented resources. Axes are forged with steel bits, forged welded to the iron bodies. I use traditional joinery techniques of mortise and tenon, forge welding, or collaring.

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  • Floral & Garden Sculptures

    Iron sculptures, vessels and panels for floral designers. Miniature and petite sculptures sized for petite designs. Iron Garden Sculptures accent any garden, spring, summer, fall and winter. If you have any design you would like, I also do custom designs.
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  • Decorative Iron

    An offering of unique decorative ironware to accent any home decor; sure to become a family heirloom made to be passed from generation to generation.

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The River Forge is an ornamental blacksmith shop specializing in 18th and Early 19th century period, house and grounds hardware. The focus of our shop is to reproduce and repair as well as design new pieces of iron work in a traditional manner.

YES!!! I have lights in my shop. I embrace technology and apply it when it is appropriate. In today's market with labor and material costs what they are the application of welders, grinders, etc. are important. Although we are equipped with these tools, they are only applied where their evidence will not be noticeable. That said, most hardware can only be made by applying traditional methods of forge welding and hammer control.

In this world of mass production and sameness what stands out are the details. If you are restoring or building new in the Colonial or Shaker style only proper hardware and lighting will put those final touches to your project. From simple drawer pulls to the most elaborate gates and railing, The River Forge would love to be a part of your project.